Chloe shopping again!!

Chloe shopping again!!
Yes you got it right the fashion princess Chloe has been shopping again.
Her fashion photo shoots are going to her head.
I have told mum to take the credit card off her.
I filmed another TV commercial yesterday –  can’t let out any details but will probably be aired by the end of February.
Had my photo taken with a very famouse TV personality as well as all the crew.
Nailed it within a couple of shots – mum said I am just a very clever little dog.
We all had our last training this morning for Pet Expo- and the routines are looking pretty good.
Chloe and Campbell are taking out new routines and I will be doing my Mambo routine.
We are all going to have a day of rest tomorrow so we are fresh for a very busy weekend!!!
Come and say hello and have a photo taken with us. (Don’t forget to tag us on FB!!)
Jackson xxx

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