My healthy eating plan

I love my Sassy Treats !!!

Very lucky to have an amazing mummy who lets me have amazing meals.


Jackson xxx

My healthy eating plan

A note from Loretta. 
The food is a raw diet with no additives and no preservatives.
It is delivered to my door once a month frozen and it is just thawed out as I need it.
Every day the dogs get a different meal.
Some of there favourites are:
Bikini – fresh chicken wity lots of vegetables and rice
Cossie – rich in beef and oat protein – for a low carb intake’Fish Cakes – full of omega 3,6 and 9 rich sardines and makerel
Irish Stew – fresh chicken with cancer fighting pumpkin, spinach
Italian – fresh beef with organic polenta
Morrocan Chicken – exotic mix of fresh chicken organic millett
At christmas I also order a big birthday cake for all of them and my sons dogs
They love the paw cake carob – coconut, carob, almonds and cream – its a great christmas favourtie for all of them
Hope other puppies can enjoy Sassy Treats just like the Dream Team!

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