On the Set for Forever New

Chloe and I had a wonderful day on set having our photos taken for the new collection of “Forever New” clothing range. We teamed up with a stunning model although Chloe thought she should have been the star and not the model – we all know what Chloe’s like!!!!   Of course Chloe did seem to always be in the models arms and is on the front page of the catalogue without me. I don’t know how she always seems to get centre stage. I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets paid more than me as well!!!

However, I was just so pleased to be picked for such a lovely shoot. The photos are on “Forever New’s facebook, webpage and are also in a glossy booklet advertising the range that can be picked up in store.    But of course the best is when you enter the shop as the front window has an incredible hanging of one of the photos that takes up most of the window. Check it out and lets me know what you think.


Love Jackson xxx

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