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Manu and Campbell are on a mission…..

Coming to a house near you soon….. Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Mr Daredevil

Mr Daredevil

What a busy week we have had. Finished shooting a tele-movie late Thursday night and we jumped in the car early Friday morning to drive to Brisbane for a double dancing competition. On the Saturday we got a pass in intermediate freestyle and second place. Sunday was the state titles and we got a first…

Keeping fit

A great way to start the morning and keep fit. You need to be very fit to compete in any of the dog sports. Because mum and I compete in doggy dancing and agility we both spend a lot if time keeping fit and making sure we eat well. Mum is a big yoga fan…

What do you give a dog who has everything?

I am having so much fun at the moment. What do you give a dog who has everything? Motor bike lessons of course!! Its a great way to have some fun from my busy filming schedule. I am currently filming a tele-movie that will air next year. Lots of famous actors. Maybe I will drive…

New ad

Here is Chloe and I working on a ad together. Check it out This is the first time we have worked together on a shoot and I think we were both marvellous. Although it does worry me that Chloe may have stolen the show. Look how mean I look as I try to get the…

Swayze my new stunt double

Swayze my new stunt double

Here’s a great photo of Swaye and I together. He is getting better looking every day – in fact I think he looks just like me. I was out shooting a new TV commercial and would you believe Swayze was asked to go as my stunt dog and double!!!!!! Do they not know that I…

Hanging with my friend Manu

Hanging with my friend Manu

Hanging with my best friend Manu Feildel Filming the new Campbells Stock ads. Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Ekka Weekend

Ekka Weekend

Mum and I had a wonderful time on the weekend – we went to Brisbane for the Ekka to compete. Here we are having a bit of a break before we went to perform. Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Ekka special guest appearance

Ekka special guest appearance

We couldn’t believe who we bumped into at the Ekka!! One of mum’s favourite singers. Of course he wanted his photo taken with me!!!! Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Ekka Competition

Ekka Competition

It was great to see all my friends in Queensland at the Ekka. We had so much fun. We have not competed in Dancing for quite a while because of TV commitments. We performed our new routine “Mr Bojangles” and this was its first time we had performed it to the public. I was very…

Chloe’s naughty new trick

Don’t forget to look out for our new add on TV – it should be airing soon. Wonder what great tricks we will do??? Hope Chloe behaves herself – she certainly wasn’t at training last week. Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

More secrets

More secrets

Mum has been very busy getting our pictures taken for something – this is a lovely profile of us but what is it for? More secrets!!!! Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Watch out Chloe

Swayze has been watching Chloe performing her fancy tricks and he thinks he can master them as well. Here he is practising – watch out Chloe!!!!! Jackson the Dancing Poodle xxx

Agility Competition

We had a wonderful day at agility recently. I got a pass in agilty and gamblers. Would have got a pass in jumping but mum forgot where she was going. Badger Photography took some wonderful photos of me – I like the one with my ears in the air as I go over the jump…

Chloe’s article in That’s Life Magazine

Chloe’s article in That’s Life Magazine

Our article is out at the newsagents in “Thats Life Magazine” or should I say Chloe’s article is out. Not only does Chloe take over the whole article she also has made sure most of the photos are her!!!! They say you should never work with children or dogs – I say you shouldn’t work…

Mums Great Idea

This is another one of mums great ideas!!!! We should ring a doorbell when we want to go outside. This is my first training session – I think Swayze was wondering what I was doing!!! Chloe and I had a great time on Saturday filming our new commercial. It will be on TV, at the cinemas…

Gold Coast Trip

Gold Coast Trip

We have had a great break at the Gold Coast. Of course we included a bit of training as well attending a training seminar with all our friends. It was great to catch up with everyone. As you can see Chloe has become obsessive checking out all the magazines for our story which will be…

Chloe and Jacksons first ad together

Great news Chloe and I will be working in an ad together. This is a first for us we have never worked together on an ad. We will be filming this Saturday so we have been very busy getting ready. We will be performing some of our favourite tricks Chloe of course will be showing…

Check out who is in the paper today!

Check out who is in the paper today!

Check out who is in the paper today!!!

Swayze Weaving

Here is Swayze having a go at weaving through mums legs.   Very Good Little Swayze!!!   Jackson the Dancing Poodle  

Swayze practising his turns

Here is Swayze practicing turns – he is so clever!!!   Jackson the Dancing Poodle  

Play time

Swayze has certainly fitted in well – Campbell and him are best of friends already They do nothing but play play play!!!!! Jackson the Dancing poodle

Swayze Training

Swayze has had another couple of training session with his rear end awareness on his little box and he has really got it now. Very Impressive little Swayze Jackson the Daning Poodle  

Preparing for the Sydney Royal Easter Show

We have all had a very busy couple of weeks preparing for the Sydney Royal.   We will be part of the Purina Supercoat shows which should be a lot of fun.   Swayze has also become the newest member of the dream team and we are really pleased with his enthusiasm in his training.   Here he is at 8…

Sydney Royal Easter Show

We are all very excited about our performances for the Sydney Royal   We will be performing in the Supercoat Spectacular on the 14th, 15th, 16th,17th (half day) & 21st April   It will be great – I will  be including a performance with Pippin my good friend – (a very talented black toy poodle) and…

New Dream Team Addition

After much deliberation we have all decided on the new dream team member   This is little “Swayze” – (Beddydane So You Think You Can Dance).   We will be picking him up very soon and he will start his training straight away as we are all at the Sydney Royal performing.   And yes Swayze…

Woof-Fest 2014 – Big Day Out

We all had a great day at Woof Fest on the weekend. The organisation was great and they even organised a lovely sunny day!!! Chloe and Campbell helped me with the show and we all had a great time dancing and having a lot of fun with the children. We judged the best trick competition and it…

Woof-Fest 2014

Mummy and I will be not only performing at Woof-fest 2014 but we will be judging the Dog with the Best Trick Competition!!! Would love to see all our fans at Woof-Fest 2014, come down both 4 legged and 2 legged friends 🙂 DATE:     Sunday 9 March 2014 TIME:     9 am to 1 pm PLACE:  …

Manu makes risotto with real flavour – Campbell’s Real Stock ad 2014

Busy busy as always. Loved working with my friend Manu!!! Check out our latest commercial together 🙂 To see all our commercials you can check them out here. Some photos from the set My very fancy actors chair for me to relax. I am sure Manu is trying to steal my chair….. Hope you guys…

Pet Expo 2014 Photos

Photos from the Pet Expo 2014 Photographed by: