See what the team have been up to.

Puppy Photo!!

Look what mum found in Cowra – a lovely litter of ice white toy poodles. I wonder if one of them is going to join the dream team!!! Whats a good name for a little ice white boy – any suggestions????? Jackson xxx  

Campbell in Cowra

We are all home from performing in cowra. We had a fantastic time and the crowd was just amazing. Here is Campbell doing so well in front of the crowd and dogs – lots of distractions. He did not take his eyes off mum – very good work Campbell you are becoming a little star!!!! Chloe and I…

Photo’s From the Sydney Pet Expo

Watching all the perfromers warm up for the day – the flyball looks great. Campbell’s too small for the Big Dipper but he’s having a ball on the carousel. Looks like Chloe’s planning on hitting the shops at pet expo She really is a shop-aholic. Coffees all round to get us going Just waiting on the…

Performing this weekend in Cowra

Chloe and I are so tired after our busy weekend at Pet Expo. Of course Campbell looks like he is ready to perform again. We have filmed an episode for a new TV media channel this week and we will keep you posted when it will be aired. We will be out again this week performing in Cowra…

Chloe shopping again!!

Chloe shopping again!!

Yes you got it right the fashion princess Chloe has been shopping again. Her fashion photo shoots are going to her head. I have told mum to take the credit card off her. I filmed another TV commercial yesterday –  can’t let out any details but will probably be aired by the end of February. Had…

Sydney Pet Expo

Sydney Pet Expo

We have a very exciting week coming up I am filming a TV Commercial on Wednesday which is going to be a lot of fun and the all of us are performing at the Sydney Pet Expo on Saturday and Sunday at Rosehill Gardens. We are in the Dogs NSW Canine All Stars show on Saturday and…

Busy getting ready for Pet Expo

Busy getting ready for Pet Expo

We are all busy getting ready for Pet Expo Here is a snippet of Little Campbell working very hard on his routine This will be his first big demo so we are all waiting to see how he will go – there will be a big audience and I have told him he needs to…

Chloe’s Cleo Magazine Appearance

Chloe’s Cleo Magazine Appearance

Here’s the beautiful Chloe from her shoot with Cleo magazine. I have told mum we need to keep her pink. She looks great!!!! Check her out in February’s edition of Cleo Magazine on sale NOW. Jackson xxx

Chloe has a new prop!!

Chloe has a new prop!!

Chloe has a new prop – where does she find them!!!! Here she is having some fun with it Jackson xxx

Busy Busy Busy 2014

Busy Busy Busy 2014

We are back working again after a lovely break This is me getting into character for a tv shoot – I look really intelligent!! I had a great time with some really nice people Chloe worked for them last year and they did ask for her but she is still a little pink after the…

Tricky Chloe

Tricky Chloe

Chloe and I have been working very hard on new tricks – but I think Chloe has beat me on this one She is such a little smarty!!! Jackson xxx

Jackson & Chloe’s Trick Demo

Hope you guys love my trick compilation that mum put together of Chloe and I 🙂 Heaps of exciting things happening in 2014 can’t wait to show you more.   Love Jackson xxx

Jackson’s Dance Compilation

Mummy has been busy making me a dance compilation video. Hope you like it!! Love Jackson xxx

Christmas is over….

Christmas is now over and Campbell and I are trying to work off the Christmas cheer. We all had a wonderful Christmas and are now preparing for a wonderful and busy new year We are busy training new moves and new routines and can’t wait to get out performing again. We had an amazing year…

Jacksons Children’s Hospital Christmas Visit

Jacksons Children’s Hospital Christmas Visit

  This is me and my friend Louis who is another Delta Dog!! We love going to the Children’s Hospital to see the kids 🙂 Love Jackson xxx

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas I just wanted to wish everyone and their puppies a lovely Christmas. We only have a couple of fun appearances for the year left. I am going to visit the children’s hospital on Wednesday and on Friday Chloe, Campbell and I are going to a Christmas party for Cerebral Palsy. We are really…

Chloe’s appearance in Dami Im’s Music Video

  Chloe’s music video with Dami Im has been released and wow I am just so pleased with the finished video. It’s the first music video Chloe has ever done and we had so much fun filming it. Chloe worked with Danni Minogue on Australia’s Got Talent a couple of years ago and it was…

Jackson at the Opening of Sunglass Hut Flagship Store

I was really lucky to get a job (yes I am a big boy and have a job 🙂 ) modelling at the Opening of Sunglass Hut Flagship Store in the city on the 20th of November. I got to wear the cutest little coat and showed everyone how good I can walk on a…

Chloe’s Tooheys Extra Dry Commercial

Well this is the first time that I have blogged – as Jackson always steals the computer!! Has been a really busy couple of weeks for me and mum. Have a really exciting secret that I can wait to share with everyone!!! However until then check out my latest commercial for Toohey’s Extra Dry Love…

Watch out Campbell

So the other day I posted Campbell and him copying my walk. I have been working really hard to ensure that I stay the King of that move. Check it out – look at how high I can cross my paws Jackson Love Jackson xxx

Improving my moves

I have been really busy the last couple of weeks. Perfecting my moves for the Pets in the Park Gala Dinner this week!! What do you think of my new improved walk? Jacksons Walk Can’t wait to share with you the adventures from the Pets in the Park Gala dinner!! Jackson xxx

Pets in the Park Gala Dinner

Mummy and I are really excited to be attending the Pets in the Park Gala Dinner on Thursday 14th of November. We will be performing one of our routines for the guests and a meet and greet during the canapés (this really means cuddle time …… oh and plenty of photos) Really excited it will…

Campbell, Campbell…… Campbell

Today I was watching mummy work with Campbell (my little brother) and I would love to know if my friends think I need to be worried…… My mum thinks I have the best trot and heeling you can have…….. however….. My younger brother Campbell has been working very hard on his trot and I must…

Jackson the Dancing Poodle Facebook Page

I am happy to announce Jacksons FB page has been entered into the 2013 Pet Bloggers Awards. Of course Jackson is very excited and we both appreciate everyones support over the past couple of months 🙂 Loretta

On the Set for Forever New

Chloe and I had a wonderful day on set having our photos taken for the new collection of “Forever New” clothing range. We teamed up with a stunning model although Chloe thought she should have been the star and not the model – we all know what Chloe’s like!!!!   Of course Chloe did seem to…

Life after Australia’s Got Talent

We are definitely missing all the action!!! Life seems very quiet and slow at the moment. However, we are at it again!!!! We are getting ready for the auditions next year. Mum is already going through music, thinking about costumes and I am working on new moves. We just had so much fun this year…

AGT Results

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through but we just want to give all our supporters a great big RUFF!!! Thank you for all your support. We wouldn’t have got so far without it. The support I have received when I am out and about has been amazing. If I am out for a walk or…

Semi Finals

We have had a very busy week preparing for the semi finals at fox studios. We met some amazing people and just had heaps and heaps of fun. We had some funny segments filmed which I think you will all love when they go to air. We had our own room where we rested whenever…

Watch out Chloe….

I have been practicing really hard to do your famous trick Chloe Jackson learning Chloe’s famous trick   And just so I stay one step ahead of the rest of The Dream Team I have learnt another trick for good measure Jackson’s New Trick All while getting ready for the semi-finals for Australia’s Got Talent….

Entertainment Section of the Herald Sun

Mummy and I were featured in the entertainment section of the Herald Sun online!! Check it out here Jackson the Dancing Poodle and The Funky Bunny (an no that is not mummies new nickname)   I don’t think it is work learning new tricks cause mummy makes it so fun! Love Jackson xxx