Royal Easter Show Demonstrations

On Sunday Chloe & Jackson performed their routines at the Royal. Chloe performed her Barbie routine and Jackson performed his Bad Routine.

They both performed really well – it was the first time Chloe had performed her Barbie routine and she was excellent. Jackson however was determined to out dance Chloe and he worked at a tremendous speed – I was struggling to keep up with him. He just enjoyed being there with the crowd.

As usual (being a demo) the music started for both routines before we were in place but it didn’t worry Chloe & Jackson they just ran to their places and started. Well done!!!

We had some great photos done from the shows professional photographer (ffire photography) – we will get them on the website as soon as we can. She takes wonderful photos and are always worth looking at.

Next Tuesday Jackson is entered in the Agility Competition at the Royal. We will have to keep our fingers crossed that he gets a clear round as we haven’t done much training for agility as I have had a sprained ankle – it will be a bit of fun anyway.

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