Weekend Agility

Weekend Agility

We were out at agility on the weekend and did I mention Swayze I got a masters jumping pass and a excellent snooker pass.

Mmmm don’t think Swayze got a pass – but mum said he did run really well – just needs to slow down a little and WAIT FOR MUM!!!

This is our new tent (unfortunately not pink) but mum can put it up herself!!!!! – Very clever it is so simple to use.

We are out again this weekend competing in Agility and then we need to get ready for a big weekend next weekend.

I will be making an appearance at a movie premiere – lucky me!!!! and then on Sunday we will be performing at Mosman’s Pet Day Out.

Will be putting a couple of finishing touches to Swayze and my new routine next week so come and see us perform.

I hear Chloe is bringing her new pink car for a few laps.

Jackson the Dancing Poodle

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