14th December 2010

Trailing has finished for the year – Jackson in his last trials received a pass in Novice Strategic Pairs – his partner was Jolie (Noella’s little girl).

They had a lovely run and received 2nd place. Jackson has 2 other runs on the same day but missed the last jump in Novice gamblers (did the gamble beautifully though) and missed a colour on the A frame for snooker.

The competitions for Dancing have finished also for the year – Chloe after receiving her Championship did not have to compete – I did some judging and organising on the last few competitions.

We are now working on new numbers for both Chloe and Jackson. Chloe has been practicing on her little pink Barbie car ( a 6 volt car she rides) and Jackson is the middle of rehearsing his new Michael Jackson Bad number.

I have a great pink jacket to wear for Chloes’s Barbie routine and the costume for Jackson’s bad routine is currently being made. I am very lucky to have a tremendous costume designer (Karen from QLD).

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