A Pooch Affair

A Pooch Affair

I have noticed Jackson has not commented how well I did at A Pooch Affair on Saturday so I’m taking Jackson’s Facebook page over.

He’s probably still in bed sleeping.

Here we are out shopping after our great performances.

Yes as usual Jackson was on fire but I was also great.

My first performance of my new ACDC routine and I nailed it!!!!!

We had a hiccup with the music – mum must have had a different cut of the music on her ipod!!!

Yes we danced to the correct song but the wrong cut.

But mum and I just kept dancing and unbelievably finished the exact time the music stopped – yes I jumped on my motorbike as the music stopped.

I do have to admit though that the crowds loved Jackson’s Mission Impossible.

Swayze the Dancing Poodle

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