Chloe’s appearance in Dami Im’s Music Video


Shared from Dami Im's Facebook Page
Shared from Dami Im’s Facebook Page

Chloe’s music video with Dami Im has been released and wow I am just so pleased with the finished video. It’s the first music video Chloe has ever done and we had so much fun filming it. Chloe worked with Danni Minogue on Australia’s Got Talent a couple of years ago and it was great to have Danni ask Chloe to perform on the “Alive” music video.

Chloe gave her usual star performance and filmed her segments very quickly on set, resting in her bed to catch a bit of a snooze when not required.  She did some performing on the side with the film crew and had some photos taken with them as well.

I think Jackson is still fuming though!!!. After his performances on TV this year he thought he had finally knocked Chloe off her pedestal. But Chloe managed to pull of one of the biggest jobs for the year.

The video is also going to be released internationally. What a little star!!!!

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