Mums Great Idea

This is another one of mums great ideas!!!!

We should ring a doorbell when we want to go outside.

This is my first training session – I think Swayze was wondering what I was doing!!!

Chloe and I had a great time on Saturday filming our new commercial. It will be on TV, at the cinemas and also on line so we should be able to post a link to it.

It should be ready at the beginning of August. Chloe and I got to perform some amazing tricks and Chloe didn’t hog the camera like she normally does. Of course Chloe does have a great trick for the add but so did I. This is the first commercial we have worked on together and everyone on set thought the poodles were amazing!!!.

But where dancing dogs – we have plenty of great tricks.

Our interview for “Thats Life” Magazine should be out on Thursday – can’t wait to see what they say about us.

But I can’t wait for August when my latest dancing video will be out – it’s going to be really exciting. I can’t say too much until its released but I was always a bit jealous of Chloe when Chloe filmed with Dami Im in her Alive music video that was released internationally.

Chloe is going to be fuming!!!!

Jackson the Dancing Poodle

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