What a busy and enjoyable week we have had. We drove to Brisbane where we participated in a 2 day workshop with Kath Hardman & Karen Sykes. What incredible trainers they are!!!!

We then drove back to Sydney for a 1 day workshop with Kath & Karen. However the highlight of our week was to have Kath & Karen stay with us while they were in Sydney. They were so friendly and we really enjoyed all the time we spent with them. I am just hoping they come back soon.

Sunday 17th April we are in a demonstration for dancing at the Royal – Chloe will be dancing to her Barbie routine and Jackson will be doing Bad. Chloe has only performed her Barbie routine once – but this will be the first time that it will be performed in an outdoor arena. We are trying to modify her car to make sure it will go on the grass. I may have to give it a push along!

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